Two more loan application cases with a link to Nepal are highlighted

One of the victims had to shell out Rs 1.47 lakh for two meager loans of Rs 3,500 and Rs 10,000 and yet the harassment did not stop

Victims had to give access to the application to their contacts because it was mandatory to obtain a loan. Representation photo

Two other FIRs were filed for harassment by loan collectors in the city and in both cases a connection to Nepal was made. Of the two cases, one was filed by attorney Salman Khan with Oshiwara police on Tuesday and the other was filed by a 21-year-old woman at Juhu police station on June 18. In both cases, the accused had harassed the borrowers. over the phone and shared their transformed photos with their contacts.

Both complainants shared the contact number of their stalkers with noon, after which this correspondent discovered that the numbers were from Nepal.

In the first case, lawyer Khan said he took out the loan after his friend was harassed. “A friend of mine had taken a loan of Rs 1.5 lakh from one of these apps and was harassed by the reclaimers. But it stopped after he repaid the amount. I was really angry and wanted to check that’s why I took a loan of Rs 6,825 from one such app named Strong Cash on June 17th and agreed to pay an interest of Rs 3 675,” he said at midday and added that he had to agree to give the app access to his contacts and it was mandatory.

He started getting calls from recovery agents from Tuesday and was told his transformed photo would be shared with his contacts if he didn’t pay back. “Early Tuesday I received a call from my sister who had received a transformed photo of me on her WhatsApp. I had received a similar message, but when I called the number, the person started to abuse me and threatened to share the photos with other people in my contacts,” he said, adding that some of his other relatives and friends had also received such messages.

In the other case, the victim’s mother contacted Midday to ask for help. The victim said she needed the money in May and applied for a loan on more than 31 applications. Only two of them actually granted loans, one of Rs 3,500 and the other of Rs 10,000.

She alleged that despite only two apps disbursing the loan, she received calls from recovery agents from all apps and that her photos were transformed and shared with her contacts. She has paid a total of Rs 1.47 lakh so far but the harassment has not stopped.

It was only after the woman told her mother about the ordeal that she took her to the police station to file a complaint and contacted her in the middle of the day.

“My daughter’s mental health is suffering because of the constant bullying. I urge the police and the government to take strict action against the accused,” the mother said at midday. The victim said: ‘My morphed photo was also shared with my colleagues who asked if it was a real photo. I had to quit my job due to embarrassment and haven’t even left the house for three weeks. Every morning I wake up to see about 100 missed calls and as many messages.

“I used all my savings to pay the debt collectors, and yet they keep calling, asking me to pay Rs 1,000 or Rs 2,000 to settle the case,” said the young man from 21 years old.

6,825 rupees
Loan contracted by a lawyer, Salman Khan

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