T Cops Bust B’luru Loan App Fraud Run From China, 2 Inmates | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Telangana police have arrested two Bengaluru men who were extorting money from victims of Chinese loan applications, establishing the fact that Chinese fraudsters are back in business.
The arrested defendants were identified as Shabbir Alam (36) and Umakant Yadav (30), both residents of Karnataka. According to police officials, the duo previously worked for a Chinese national, Chen Chaoping, who ran a loan application fraud ring from Bengaluru before fleeing to China.
Police raided their call center in Bengaluru and seized 29 mobile phones, 73 laptops, two debit cards and as many hard drives. Police found that in 2020 Chen operated the same call center in Bangalore. At that time, Shabbir was a supervisor and Umakant worked as a call center IT manager. After a few arrests by Hyderabad cybercrime police in December 2020 and January 2021, Chen fled to China and shut down the call center.
“Two months later, he called Shabbir and Umakant and asked them to run the call center for the new apps. The duo hired 100 callers to extort money from their victims,” ACP said. KVM Prasad.
Cops: gangs involved in 50 cases
Police suspect the gang may be involved in several of the 50 recorded cases in the recent past. According to joint CP of Central Crime Station Gajarao Bhupal, the two offenders were providing services for Ocean Rupee, Life Wallet, Maloo Wallet, Elephant Cash, Box Cash and Dutta Rupee loan applications under the sole supervision of Chen, who is currently in China.
“The defendant hosted the loaner apps in Google Play Store. When innocent people looking for a loaner downloaded the apps, the scammers obtained gallery, contact list and location permissions before downloading the apps. ‘give loans for a short period,’ Bhupal said.
“As the due date approaches, the defendants start calling the victims to repay the borrowed amount with huge interest. When the victims became unable to repay, the defendants threatened them saying that they would post their transformed photos on social media platforms and call their friends and relatives,” he added. Two cases were filed against the accused in 2021 based on complaints from a 30-year-old woman from Retibowli and another man. The woman took out a loan of around Rs 2 lakh and when she was unable to repay in seven days, the accused started calling her on WhatsApp from different numbers, abusing her in vulgar language.

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