Student trapped by loan application, ends up paying ₹6l for ₹6k | Raipur News

Raipur: A postgraduate student of agriculture university fell into a loan application trap, a new crime of phishing, and after being granted a loan of Rs 6,000, he ended up paying Rs six lakh due to blackmail.
According to a complaint filed by the student, he saw an advertisement of a loan application on you tube and contacted the site and he instantly got a loan of Rs 6,000. After that he started receiving calls different phone numbers to blackmail using abusive language and obscene messages.
The accused then stole all the data from his contact list, due to which obscene phone calls and messages began to be sent to his family members and relatives. The extortionists also started demanding money from him and in the last four months, the students ended up paying around Rs six lakh by transferring money to the IPU Identity document given by the accused.
As the blackmail continued, the student eventually reported the matter to the police who have now opened an investigation.
Instant loan mobile apps are a new tool for digital crime that could rob you of money with processed obscene images and sextortion. The modus operandi involves social media dating or lending app or even whatsapp. In most cases, the victims are threatened to circulate their morphed nude photos or images in a nude video call and then they are blackmailed and extorted a huge amount of money.


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