Nepal cops uncover treasure trove of Mumbai business intel

Kathmandu police say many of those arrested in the neighboring country have links to rioting apps in India and have been involved in harassing helpless borrowers.

The call center that was raided in Kathmandu on Monday

Nepalese police raiding illegal app call centers found that the centers in Kathmandu and Rupandehi were run by Chinese nationals but registered in the name of a Nepali national. The survey also revealed that the call centers only targeted lower class Indian citizens in need of small loans. Some of the apps are being investigated by the Mumbai and Maharashtra police cyber cells.

mid-day had done a series of articles on frauds committed by those behind mobile loan applications in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Following these reports, former Interior Minister Dilip Walse Patil ordered the State Police Cyber ​​Cell to treat the issues as a common case and investigate all registered complaints throughout the country. State against mobile loan applications. Mumbai and State Cyber ​​Cell recorded over 25 cases and one umbrella case respectively.

The police also discovered that the Kathmandu call center had a kitchen where they cooked daily for more than 1,100 people.
The police also discovered that the Kathmandu call center had a kitchen where they cooked daily for more than 1,100 people.

During the investigations, the police discovered the involvement of Chinese nationals, as most of the servers through which the applications were downloaded from the Play Store were found in China. The two agencies compiled a list of 500 apps that were under investigation. The list also contained the names of Easy Loan, Go Loan and G-Pay Loan applications (unrelated to Google Pay) which were operated from an illegal call center in Kathmandu named Sky World Service Office, which was taken down by the Nepalese police. in recent raids.

Nepali police also discovered that the servers of most loan apps operated from Nepal were located in Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China. The Maharashtra cyber cell also discovered that the Handy loan app which gave a fake address in Gujarat has servers in China. Officials said a Chinese email was provided to download the Handy loan app from Play Store.

Two Indians detained

Raids were carried out on Sunday and a Chinese national identified as Hu Yuihua, 43, and two Indian nationals Manoj Shaini, 26, Neha Gupta, 19, were arrested along with 33 Nepali nationals including 5 women. “The raids were carried out after we received information that some illegal activities were taking place on behalf of call centers,” said Dnieshraj Mainali, commissioner and spokesman for Kathmandu police. The Nepali national in whose name the call centers are registered, Vijay Shrestha, is on the run.

Tek Prasad Rai, Spokesperson, Nepal Police

Tek Prasad Rai, Spokesperson, Nepal Police

Officials found that more than 2,000 people employed at the Kathmandu call center which was raided on Monday were fluent in Hindi. Police also discovered that there was a kitchen where they cooked daily for over 1,100 people inside the call centre. “Their basic job was to target ordinary lower class people in India who are in need of short term money loans. The fraudulent business started with advertisements on various platforms, mainly social media. you need short term loan download app and get easy money, apps like easy loan and go loan and many more were run by them they used to torture people until the loan is repaid,” said Nepalese police spokesman Tek Prasad Rai.

“They advertised loans up to Rs 50,000 but most people got loans of around Rs 20,000. They had seven days to pay the debt. On the sixth day, they would call the borrower and remind him that tomorrow was the time to repay the loan,” he added.

“Debtors’ Phones Hacked”

Nepalese police officers also said that they are aware of several reported suicide cases in Mumbai and India due to the harassment of these officers as they used to hack into people’s cell phones after sending links and to have access to their crucial details, including personal photos. , which have been transformed and shared with their loved ones. “Their goal was to make money as quickly as possible and they use apps like WhatsApp and IMO to send messages and calls,” a Kathmandu police official said. During the investigation, the police also discovered that the employees working in the call centers were paid from Rs 15,000 to Rs 80,000 (Nepalese rupees) depending on their position and they would also receive a commission s they could recover money from debtors. . The official also said that such call centers have been operating in Nepal for two years. Previously, officials discovered that criminals were operating from Sri Lanka, but it is now established that Chinese citizens were carrying out such criminal activities from Nepal in collaboration with Indians.

The police also recovered various equipment, including 362 laptops, 748 desktops and DVRs, during the Kathmandu raids. They will send these materials to the Nepal Police Forensic Department for testing and investigation. A total of Rs 8,29,000 (Nepalese rupees) in cash was also found during the raids. Police said that according to their investigation, the same group was behind the raided call center in Rupandehi – Blue Sky Business Service Center – where more than 150 people were arrested on Saturday.

No people arrested in Sunday raids

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