Loan Application Demands ₹7,000 Interest on ₹3.8,000 for Just 6 Days | Bombay News

Mumbai: Anurag Singh, a resident of Young Malad, filed a complaint of harassment and blackmail by agents of an online lending app. Police said one of the callers got angry when Singh asked if he could repay the loan in cash instead of an online transfer.
“Singh and his friends blocked the numbers after he started transmitting his transformed photos. Singh filed a complaint with the police against three mobile SIM card numbers, through which he and his friends received threatening calls between 6 and May 7,” said a Kurar police officer.
Singh, a graduate employed by a private company, said he came across a “Hedisy Loan App” advertising link on his Facebook page to get an easy loan without any documentation. As he was planning to avail a personal loan, he clicked on the link.
“I was asked to download the app. In order to check my loan eligibility and the maximum amount I could get, I downloaded my Aadhar and PAN cards, along with other bank details, and I I also granted access to my phone contact list and gallery.I was shocked when, unbeknownst to me, Rs 3,805 was credited to my account as a loan which I had not availed. What shocked me even more was how interest was calculated for just six days,” Singh told TOI.
“When I asked the caller how the interest rate was calculated, he cursed and threatened me that he would ruin my image by sending my transformed photos to everyone on my contact list. On the 7th May I got a call from two of my friends saying they had received the photos along with a text saying I had taken out a loan and failed to pay it back We all blocked the numbers,” Singh said.
Meanwhile, Kurar Police said they are investigating the May 4 suicide case of Sandeep Koregaonkar (38) from Kurar Gaon in Malad (East) who was also harassed and blackmailed by ” recovery agents”.
Cyber ​​expert Ritesh Bhatia says loan seekers should not blindly download such apps.

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