Loan app torture: photos of Hyderabad woman who borrowed money, officer detained

Several cases have been registered with Hyderabad Police in recent weeks for harassment by loan application recovery officers.

Several people have sought help from Hyderabad police over the past few months, facing harassment from instant loan application recovery officers. Apps lure people in by offering loans easily and in minutes with high interest rates and processing fees, but default recovery methods include texting and calling people appearing on the contact list of the person who borrowed the money, transformation of photos, etc. Many victims complained of extortion from loan collectors, who often threatened to turn victims’ photos into nude photos and share them with their families and other contacts or on porn sites. . In a breakthrough in such cases, Hyderabad police have arrested a man named Manish Kumar from Bihar, who allegedly blackmailed and harassed victims in the name of collecting loans, made threats with abusive language during phone calls and sent morphed nude photos of victims on WhatsApp.

Hyderabad Cyber ​​Crime Police arrested 23-year-old Manish Kumar from Bihar on the basis of a complaint by a Hyderabad woman who said she took a loan from an instant online loan app . When she failed to pay for her NDEs, she said she started receiving harassing calls and turned nude photos on WhatsApp, causing her mental agony, stress as well as suicidal thoughts, according to the police. Based on analysis of Call Detail Records (CDRs), police identified that Manish Kumar had sent abusive messages to the complainant and arrested him in Bihar.

Police said Manish Kumar used to turn photos of loan app customers into nude photos using a ‘Bikini app’ and send them to family, relatives and loved ones. other contacts of the victim, to defame and harass them under the pretext of loan collection. A mobile phone seized from the defendant contained details of the loan customers along with their Aadhaar cards, PANs and details of some of the victims deceived by the defendant, police said.

According to a press release from the Joint Commissioner of Police, Detective Department, Hyderabad, Manish Kumar and another man named Vikas Kumar, also from Bihar currently staying in Delhi and on the run, were blackmailing, harassing and making calls threatening phone calls. using abusive language and sending morphed nude photos to the complainant along with her image on WhatsApp. Police found out that Vikas Kumar would send loan clients details along with their photo, Aadhaar card and PAN card to Manish Kumar. Manish Kumar also allegedly harassed customers with threatening calls on WhatsApp using abusive language.

Manish Kumar was convicted under sections 66C, 66D, 66 and 67 of the IT Act 2008 and sections 384 (punishment for extortion), 420 (cheating and dishonest inducement to deliver goods) and 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) of the ICC (Indian Penal Code) and was taken into custody.

Meanwhile, in another similar case from the city, Rachakonda police received a complaint from a woman who said loan collectors had created WhatsApp groups with obscene titles and with her contacts as members. , where they circulated his transformed photos, The Times of India reported. The woman reportedly borrowed Rs 4,000 from a loan application in December 2021 and had been hounded for repayment since the first week of May. Rachakonda police have not yet arrested the accused in this case.

Earlier this month, a woman who worked in a private company approached police in Narsingi alleging harassment by the leaders of an instant loan app in the name of repayment. She had alleged that the executives had threatened to share her explicit and transformed photos with family members and friends in her contact list.

The Times of India reported that Hyderabad Police reserved up to six cases in the first two weeks of May against collection agents instant loan applications. The allegations did not include threats against the women to circulate transformed nude photos, but also threats against the male victims to circulate their transformed photos accusing them of rape. Last year, at least six people in Telangana died by suicide due to harassment by agents hired by instant loan apps.

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