Kurar Police File Third Loan App Blackmail Fir In A Wk | Bombay News

MUMBAI: In just seven days, Kurar Police have registered the third case of harassment and blackmail over a loan application.
The common factor between the three is that the victims were Malad residents who had installed loan apps to verify their loan eligibility, allegedly received paltry sums credited to their accounts without consent, and then were harassed by “debt officers”. recovery” by telephone and their metamorphosed nude. photos sent to their contacts to blackmail them into reimbursing the “disbursed” amount with “interest” in a few days.
In the first such case in Malad on May 4, victim Sandeep Koregaonkar committed suicide following humiliation, his family said.
In the latest case, on Tuesday May 10, imitation jewelry store employee Rajeshkumar Ramani (32) filed a complaint saying he downloaded an app, Janecoin Loan, on April 27 and requested a unspecified loan that was rejected. He immediately uninstalled the app and yet overnight 6,362 rupees was deposited into his account which he had not requested. Ramani said that as requested he repaid Rs 11,004 with ‘interest’ within five days of the credit and yet his transformed photos were released in his phone contact list. In his complaint, Ramani said, “I uninstalled the app. But on April 28, I noticed that Rs 1,204, another Rs 1,204 and then Rs 3,954 was credited to my account, which I never requested.
Ramani transferred Rs 11,004 as per instructions in batches of Rs 2,002, Rs 2,001, Rs 2,001 and Rs 5,000. “The problem did not end for him. On May 7, he received threatening calls and requests for additional Rs 5,000. When he refused, his transformed photos were forwarded to his contact list,” a police officer said.
Additional Police Commissioner (Northern Region) Virendra Mishra oversees zonal DCP Somnath Gharge who leads a 10-member team formed after Koregaonkar’s death to solve cases. Explaining the modus operandi, the officer said: “In all cases, the victims had allowed the apps to access their phone contact list, gallery and other important information which had been misused. ” These applications have access to sensitive information such as stored passwords.
A total of seven cases, including three from Kurar, were recorded across the city between March and May.
In the second Kurar case, on May 8, Malad resident Anurag Singh (24) filed a complaint after an app circulated his morphed photos on a “loan” of Rs 3,805.
Police and experts advise loan seekers against blindly downloading apps without research. Check a lender’s phone number, email and physical address, even if it’s an online-only lender, and scour online reviews, the cops say.

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