KB Kookmin Bank launches mobile credit loan in Cambodia

KB Kookmin Bank has announced that it has launched KB Smart Loan, a mobile-only credit loan in Cambodia.

KB Smart Loan is a product that provides instant information on loan limits and interest rates through real-time, remote credit identification and assessment for high-quality office workers in the app ” Liiv KB Cambodia”.

Thanks to this, the loan review period, which normally took about a week, was shortened so that it could be completed on the day of the application. With KB Smart Loan, you can view the results of your loan application in real time and borrow up to €30,000.

In particular, KB Smart Loan improved its remote competitiveness in overseas markets, as it was possible to apply for a loan through self-authentication without having to visit a branch through remote identity authentication.

Kim Hyun-jong, Head of KB Cambodia, said, “We will broaden the local loan market base by combining innovative digital experiences such as remote products and authentication systems accumulated through KB Smart Loan with the network of Prasak in the future. “We plan to lead,” he said.

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