Harassment of loan apps drives young people to extreme measures in Telangana

Getting cash in a click has made gullible youngsters in Telangana fall into the trap of loan app organizers and end their lives after being unable to bear the harassment of victims.

Recently, a youth from Godavarkhani ended his life by falling under a train and the other youth from Nizamabad was slandered by the organizers of the app with transformed images.

According to reports, Prasanth hailing from Power House Colony in Godavarikhani of Peddapalli district was working in Singareni Collieries Company Limited. He joined the company as an overman five years ago after completing a course in mining.

He was recently eligible for a position as Deputy Director. He lived with his father Rajanna, his mother Malliswari and his brother. Prasanth lost his money betting on cricket. To cover the losses, he took out a loan of Rs. 60,000 from the Money View app. As he was unable to repay the loan amount on time, the organizers of the application started insulting him in foul language. They transformed Prashant’s photo and added his image with a photo of a naked girl and shared it with his relatives and parents. Unable to bear the torture of the organizers of the app, Prasanth left his home on July 7 without informing his family members and reached Raghavapur after two days and ended his life by falling in front of the Kerala Express train.

The organizers of the app did not leave Prasanth’s bereaved family members and started harassing them by attaching abusive messages to the images of his parents and sharing the images on social media. They called on the relevant authorities to take tough action against the organizers of the app.

On the other hand, Kotipalli Shiva Kumar from ARP camp at Yedapalle Mandal of Nizamabad district had taken a loan of Rs 4,500 from a small credit loan application on June 12 and repaid the loan amount within a week.

Despite repaying the loan, the app organizers threatened him to process the images of his family members and post them on social media if he did not pay an amount of 4,500 rupees. Fearing this, Shiva Kumar paid the said sum to the organizers. But there is no end to his ordeal as the app organizers turned Shiva Kumar’s Pan card and began to cast him in a bad light on social media as a drug dealer and pimp .

They projected him as someone who raped his family members and put their images in the place of prostitutes and shared them on social media. Unable to bear the harassment from the app organizers, Shiva Kumar approached Yedapalle police station where a case was registered. When contacted by News18, Yedapalle’s sub-inspector Pandey said that although police have educated young people, gullible youngsters still fall for cybercriminals.

The dangerous loan app tentacles are not just limited to Telangana, they have also spread to the neighboring state of Maharashtra, where Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell recently arrested five loan app recovery officers based in Karnataka based on complaints of cheating, blackmail and harassment. lots of people all over the country. According to Cyber ​​Cell sources, it has received nearly 2,000 complaints related to loan applications. He also sent a notice to Google asking it to remove up to 70 apps that harassed gullible people in the name of recovering the loan amount.

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