Harassment of loan app leads to death of young Telangana in Jawaharnagar – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

HYDERABAD: A victim of a loan application has died by suicide in Jawaharnagar after his father received a call from officers to repay the loan.

Police said Thursday that Mohammad Khaja, 23, committed suicide by hanging in his home late Wednesday night.

Khaja in January told his father that he had started working and earning money. But, he actually took out loans through apps, which usually appeal to less interested people. He had claimed that he was working and earning money while taking out loans from Apps.

He would have repaid part of the loan. However, he has yet to pay the interest.

As usual, the loan application officers contacted the references provided in the loan application. The agent called Khaja’s father for the first time and informed him of the loan amount and said that his son had not paid the interest amount. That same evening, Khaja’s father asks her about the loan and the amount of the collection.

Police believed he may have been upset that his family found out about the amount of the loan and killed themselves. The police have not yet determined the total amount of the loan raised by Khaja and the dues.

(If you are having suicidal thoughts, worried about a friend or need emotional support, someone is always there to listen. Call the Sneha Foundation – 04424640050 (available 24×7) or iCall, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences helpline – 9152987821, which is available Monday to Saturday 8am to 10pm.)

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