Harassment by online loan app drives another man to suicide in Hyd – Hyderabad, Karnataka, Loan, Rajkumar, Telangana, Telugu, Telugustop – Harassment by online loan app drives another man to suicide in Hyd

HyderabadApril 19: Harassment by operators of an online loan app led a youngster to suicide in Hyderabad.

Unable to bear harassment from app operators, Rajkumar He hanged himself at his home in Jiyaguda below the Kulsumpura police station boundary on Monday, police said on Tuesday.

The family of Rajkumara private employee, told police he took Rs 12,000 through an online loan app and repaid Rs 4,000 through EMIs.

While taking the loan, the youngster had given friends’ contact numbers as a reference. Since he did not repay the remaining amount, the organizers of the application sent messages to his friends.

Rajukumar, who felt humiliated, hung himself from a ceiling fan when no one was home. Following a complaint filed by her mother, the police registered a case and opened an investigation.

The latest incident came to light even as police in Greater Hyderabad Crackdown on online loan applications has intensified lately after new cases of harassment have been reported.

Last year, six people committed suicide in Telangana Due to harassment by agents hired by instant loan applications. Up to 50 cases of harassment have been reported by HyderabadCyberabad and Rachakonda Police Commissioners, which cover Hyderabad And its surroundings.

Some of the apps were found linked to Chinese nationals. In many cases, agents demanded more money even after customers paid dues.

According to the police, the messages sent to the references given by the customers when taking loans and the threats led to the suicides.

Last month the Hyderabad Police had arrested a fraud case linked to a loan application run by a Chinese national in Bangalore.

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Police arrested two residents of Karnatakawho operated a call center and offered loans through six loan applications under the supervision of a Chinese national.

In February, debt collectors on a loan application falsely labeled a man a rapist in order to force him to repay the loan.

According to police, in the majority of reported cases, officers sent messages to clients’ families and friends naming and shaming them.

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