Eow Arrests Delhi Ca in Loan Application Case | Bhubaneswar News

Bhubaneswar: The Economic Crimes Wing (EOW) of the Crime Branch on Tuesday arrested a New Delhi accountant accused of deceiving several people in Odisha crores of rupees using a dubious loan application, called Kredit Gold, which is suspected to be operated by a group of Chinese nationals. The accused was identified as Neerav Gupta from Gurgaon.
According to the EOW, Gupta opened shell companies and sold them to Chinese nationals for their easy cash transactions for the operation of the illegal loan app. “We have information that the Chartered Accountant received Rs 30 lakh from the Chinese nationals to facilitate their illegal lending activity through several applications including Kredit Gold. The accused worked for the Chinese, had regular contact with them and was responsible for the loan/collection of the loan amount in India. He is also wanted by different law enforcement agencies in India,” EOW Deputy Inspector General JN Pankaj said.
The immigration bureau recently issued a surveillance circular against three Chinese nationals for illegally operating the Kredit Gold lending app in the country. Shakti Prasad Dash, a resident of Bhubaneswar, recently downloaded the app and applied for a loan of Rs 9,000. He immediately got the loan and the money was credited to his account.
Within four days of receiving the money, Dash started receiving messages to refund 15,627 rupees. He received abusive calls and threatening messages from different cellphone numbers, Pankaj said.
When Dash downloaded the loan app, the scammers gained access to his contacts and started sending them obscene messages and photos calling him a rapist. Their intention was to pressure and humiliate Dash in front of his acquaintances into agreeing to pay the extortion money.
EOW said many such illegal loan apps are still in operation. Although the EOW has asked Google to remove the fraudulent apps from its Play Store, they have yet to respond to the request.
“The EOW plans to take legal action against Google if Google does not respond positively,” Pankaj said.

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