Cyber ​​Cell displays posters warning Mumbaikars of loan app scams

From posters to digital banners to awareness camps, the Mumbai Police is leaving no stone unturned to educate people about cyber scams like loan apps; organize training sessions for the cops, too

The Cyber ​​Cell of Mumbai Crime Branch has posted posters at prominent places in the city to sensitize people so that they do not fall prey to cyber fraudsters and money lending apps.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Anti-Narcotics and Cyber ​​Cell Datta Nalawade said at midday that cops were also educating people in housing corporations, near train stations, malls, bus stops and other crowded places in the city. “We are also sensitizing schools, colleges, government offices, etc. so that they do not fall into the traps of loan applications. Our main goal is to make every Mumbaikar a smart internet user, and that is why we have displayed bigger digital posters and banners on highways, thoroughfares, prominent places where people can easily see the message to teach them the alphabets of cybersecurity,” says Nalawade.

“We also installed 220 digital hoses with fake loan app messages and slogans in crowded places,” he said at midday. So far, 3,516 Mumbaikars have been informed about the cyber awareness, Nalawade added.

This is the brainchild of Deputy Police Commissioner (Crime) Suhas Warke and Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey to curb the growing threat of loan apps and their henchmen who harass borrowers by hacking their cell phones and misusing the data to digitally harass them. Dozens of police officers are also undergoing training on cybersecurity and how to handle complex cyber cases, sources said.

Number of Mumbaikars sensitized on cyber security

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