Chartered accountant detained by EOW for using cash loan crores

Bhubaneswar, 25th July: Economic Crimes Wing, Bhubaneswar arrested Chartered Accountant Neeraj Kumar on charges of benefiting from cash loan from National Punjab
Bank using false and falsified documents.
The Chartered Account had mortgaged the landed properties as collateral
registered in someone else’s name without the knowledge of the landowners
collusion with bank officials.
EOW sources here on Monday said the chartered accountant, a resident of Bindapur, Uttam
Nagar, New Delhi was arrested on 23 July in Delhi and brought before the court of
Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Dwarka, New Delhi and was remanded to Bhubaneswar to be brought before the SDJM court here.
He was arrested on the basis of a complaint filed by Paresh Kumar Das, Circle Head, Punjab National Bank, Bhubaneswar against the accused Kali Prasad Mishra, owner of M/s KP Solutions and others on the allegation that the accused used Cash Credit (CC) loan for working capital amounting to Rs.250 lakh from Punjab National Bank, Bapuji Nagar Branch, Bhubaneswar using fake/falsified documents.
The investigation also revealed that Neeraj Kumar, a qualified Chartered Accountant, worked at National Bank of Punjab from 2013 to 2016 as Manager, Credit, at Saheed Nagar branch in Bhubaneswar, along with the accused Birendra Kumar Pattanaik, who also worked as a chef.
Manager in the same agency.
Neeraj Kumar, who resigned from PNB in ​​2016, used to serve in PNB, Bapuji Nagar branch, posing as an official of the Bank in which the accused Birendra Kumar Pattanaik was the chief manager and was actively engaged in facilitating and arranging loans to the tune of crores of GNP, Bapuji Branche Nagar.
Sources from EOW said that on the day of the loan sanction and thereafter, hundreds of thousands of Rupees were diverted/transferred from M/s K. P Solutions, Prop- Kali Prasad Mishra to the bank accounts of M/s Neeraj Kumar & Associates, Prop-Neeraj and others.
Previously the defendants namely Kali Prasad Mishra, M/s KP Solutions prop, Srikant Prasad Prusty, then Senior Director, Credit, PNB Bapuji Nagar, Birendra Kumar Pattnaik, then Chief Director, Narendra Nayak, then Director, both of Bapuji Nagar Branch, PNB, Bhubaneswar and Prakash Kumar Behera MD/Directors of M/s Ubique Multitech Private Limited, M/s Aziel
Trading And Marketing Pvt Ltd has been arrested in this matter.

The defendants, according to EOW sources, also adopted a similar modus operandi by sanctioning a loan of Rs.3.5 Crores in favor of a M/s Lingaraj Enterprises against the mortgage of residential duplexes of the plaintiff – Prasant Kumar Mohaptra at his knowledge.
The said property documents were actually filed by the plaintiff in the bank for availing a loan of Rs. 10 lakhs for him.
Bank officials of National Bank of Punjab, Bapuji Nagar branch, in a criminal conspiracy with intermediaries Neeraj kumar, Prakash Behera and partners of M/s Lingaraj Enterprises, had granted a commercial loan of Rs. 3 .5 crores in favor of a M/s Lingaraj Enterprises
on the basis of falsified/false documents.

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