A 28-year-old man receives threatening calls from 31 numbers. Loan Application Fraud | Bombay News

MUMBAI: A 28-year-old man from Jogeshwari has received dozens of abusive calls and texts from more than 31 different mobile numbers used by debt collectors blackmailing him for repayment of loans he got from seven loan applications in May. The plaintiff, employed in a media company, continued to receive calls despite repaying the loan of Rs 74,500 and even paying an additional Rs 1.76 lakh after taking out loans from friends and relatives.
Meghwadi police registered an FIR against an unknown person on June 24 and said recovery officers also sent the victim his transformed photo with the text “he’s a rapist” and his “mother and sister are ready to sleep for money”, after he stopped attending their calls. They showed the money paid by him as interest paid and the principal as due.
Also, the crime branch officials informed him that they are helpless as the calls are made from Ranchi; and asked him to contact the cyberpolice. Meghwadi Police are trying to get a lead because the seven apps – Crazybee, Cash advance, Dove CashTrackO, Onstream, Papa money and Shuttle bus ready – do not have an office in Mumbai and are operational on Google Play Store.
“Within five days of using the loan, I received a threatening call from the debt collector demanding payment. I was forced to take out an additional loan to pay the same,” said the complaining to YOU.


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