Loan without employment contract

What are the advantages of the “loan without work”

The free and completely non-binding request is online. The conditions of official and reputable providers are offered with the best interest rates. The loan amount can be used freely in its entirety. If there is no loan, no costs are guaranteed. 

Who provides a loan for unemployed or unemployed persons

Individuals who see an investment in the provision of financial resources. This is often more lucrative for you than the classic investment. Honesty regarding negative and the period of existing joblessness or unemployment are top priority. Then there are private investors even in difficult situations. However, double-digit interest rates are not uncommon. A negotiating basis is often given.

Particularly in the online area, for unemployed or unemployed people, financing solutions are offered with the following statements:

  • 1,000 to 100,000 financial travel
  • possibly even without abfrage to 5,000.00 euros loan amount
  • Depending on the loan rating, the interest rate is from 4.8%

But then comes the premise: A co-applicant, who has a permanent job as an employee, must be mentioned from the beginning in the loan request. Another requirement is that the payments from the Employment Agency can be used to calculate a disposable income . This means an amount of “X” that does not go into the monthly living and fixed costs. After all, the unemployed or unemployed are just as responsible for repatriating your loan as employees.

If, for example, 200.00 euros remain every month (positive balance), it is said that a loan of 4,000.00 euros is within the range of the possible.

How do you calculate the positive balance?

Add up all monthly fixed costs (rent, electricity, telephone, internet, insurance premiums, fuel costs or Kosen for public transport, reserves for payments and purchases as well as your living expenses.
Subtract this from your monthly income. What’s left is your free balance that could be used for a loan repayment .

Another option is offered by loan providers from abroad . A query and / or questions about secure employment is often waived. The conditions are often very bad. The high risk can be paid by the loan providers.

An entirely different option is the loan from the Employment Agency . And the conditions could not be better. There is no interest on the borrower and the repayment rate can be between 5 and 10 euros per month. However, this loan is earmarked.

What opportunities do innovative loan marketplaces offer?

There are loan exchanges that only kindly recommend a regulated income. Some even put more emphasis on honesty and sincere and professional mediation of the borrowing requirement (for which (high importance), why, mathematically comprehensible repayment proposal) than on loan bureau score values.

Always recommended is a loan or residual debt insurance. Under certain circumstances, it will pay your installments so that you will not be in default because of difficulties in payment .

If these lending options are negative, only loan within the family or among friends remains. Also for this variant do not give up the legally binding written form (written loan agreement).

Tips on loan without work

Apply for a smaller loan amount

If you do not have a job, you may be in trouble to find a suitable loan. For a regular income is a major part of the loan check at many banks. With this check, loan institutions ensure that the borrower will be able to repay the installments on time and on a regular basis. Therefore, it makes sense for unemployed to apply for a smaller loan amount. This has better chances to be approved by a bank.

However, loan institutions that specialize in loans for people with little or no income are more likely to take on the matter. Large banks rarely lend to people without work or combine them with large numbers.

A small amount of loan can in most cases help you to pay off debts or make a much-needed purchase. It can also be repaid faster and at lower rates. Thus, it becomes a real alternative for both the bank and the borrower. High loan amounts will probably not be feasible without a job.

If a provider still offers such loans, it should first be checked carefully whether it is a reputable loan institution. The first thing to do is look at the exact terms of the loan offer. A loan from a dubious provider should be avoided.

Seek help from the employment agency

A loan without a job is quite possible, but in most cases difficult to get and often linked to a variety of conditions. Therefore, it makes sense to first consider all other alternatives. So it is also possible to get a loan from the Employment Agency. Here are loans for people currently receiving unemployment benefits.

So if you are unemployed for less than a year and you urgently need a smaller loan, you should first contact the responsible person in charge at the employment office. Because loans at the employment office are interest-free repayments and thus in the advantage opposite most private loan institutes. However, they are also strictly earmarked and therefore can not be freely used. An examination of the need for the loan will therefore inevitably take place.

Anyone who already receives unemployment benefit  can also seek an interest-free loan. However, he then receives it from the job center. It is to be expected that the loan sums here will be somewhat lower, but they have to be repaid without interest. These loans are strictly earmarked. Therefore, their amount depends on the necessity and the size of the purchase.

Who, for example, wants to make a driver’s license in order to increase his chances of re-entering the labor market can be expected here with a larger loan line than when it comes to a smaller acquisition. Although loans from the employment office are not necessarily easy to get, they are definitely a worthwhile alternative!

Always check the loan provider carefully

Getting a loan, even without a regular income through a job, can be a big challenge. It will soon become apparent that it is difficult to obtain a loan from large banks and loan institutions. However, there are also providers who have specialized in such types of loan. They promise to help the borrower to pay off debts or to facilitate short-term purchases and the resolution of private emergencies. However, these loan providers should always be checked carefully.

Dubious providers make too high interest demands or levy additionally overdrawn fees, for example for the loan mediation. Therefore, the modalities of different loan providers should always be compared to get the best overview and to make the right decision.

Here can help reviews on the Internet or a very conventional comparison of the respective numbers. Because online there are quite serious loans for the unemployed, but these are sometimes a little harder to find. If you receive a cancellation, you should not be put off by it, the possibility of a loan exists with another provider probably still.

Obtain a guarantor

A citizen can increase the loan rating significantly. This can also help people without work to get a loan without further problems. As a guarantor, however, only a trusting person comes into consideration, which is also financially secure and has a regular income. The guarantor does not have to pay back the loan himself. It serves the bank as a security that a regular installment is really guaranteed.

Therefore, a guarantee is not completely without risk and should only be entered between people who are in mutual trust.

Even though involving a guarantor means extra expense for the borrower, it is not a bad sign when required by the loan institution. For it is even better for the borrower if he appoints a guarantor than if he has to turn to a dubious bank with excessive fees and interest. As a rule, a guarantee also has a positive influence on the level of interest and flexibility in repaying the installments.

However, it can be assumed that additional documents and signatures will be requested from the guarantor in order to check their loanworthiness. Two persons without work can seldom take on a guarantee for each other.

Loans from private providers

Large banks and loan institutions often do not provide loans to the unemployed. Therefore, a private loan can be a good solution for this group of people. There are some loan intermediaries on the Internet who bring together inquiries and offers for loans from private individuals and thus make suitable loans possible. Private lending is therefore a good thing for people without a job, as it is often a matter of smaller and flexible amounts of loan, for which only a small amount of income and loan rating information is needed.

After all, private individuals decide who they want to borrow and how they do it. Therefore, it is quite possible here to discover loan offers that are also affordable for the unemployed and whose repayment is not linked to excessive interest and fees.

Lending by private providers also has the advantage that they are often tied to specific uses. Although in some cases it may be necessary to give a rough indication of how the money is to be used when applying for the loan, these are often not specific and compulsory.

Private matters thus remain private. It is not usually not necessary to provide a private lender with a complete list of their own living conditions. With reputable providers such a loan can be handled quickly and easily, without having to give up your own privacy. However, some information about the financial situation is of course required for each loan.