In urgent cases, just apply small loans

An amount of 250 euros is not much, but it is not always available when it is needed urgently.

If it is the end of the month, or if the employer does not pay on time, such an amount can help settle an urgent issue or overcome a financial bottleneck. The banks do not give such small loans, because they are too much effort. Anyone who urgently needs 250 euros, but can apply for a small loan online.

Apply for small loan online

A 250 Euro loan can be requested over the internet. Various banks that work online specialize in such loans with a small sum. Some of these institutes already grant the small loan with a sum of 50 euros. The minimum loan amount differs depending on the provider. Since such a loan is characterized by a very short term, it is often referred to as a short-term loan. The term is often only 30 days. Some credit institutions grant such a loan even without Schufa information. Who wants to apply for a small loan over 250 euros, should use the small credit comparison, which provides an overview of the terms of the various providers. It informs about the term, the amount of the interest and special features of the provider, for example the express payment.

So the small loan is requested

A mouse click leads from the comparison directly to the credit provider, where the request can be made online . A purpose must not be specified in the application. After the application has been received by the bank, the applicant will receive a reply. In the case of a commitment, he must submit the required documents for checking the creditworthiness. Mostly

  • Statements of the last three months
  • certificate by the employer
  • Wages or salary statement

required. The documents can be scanned and transmitted online. If all conditions are met, an identity check must be carried out. Since the verification of the identity can be done by Video-Ident, no Postident procedure is necessary. Subsequently, the payment of the money takes place within a short time.
If the applicant does not meet all the requirements for a microcredit, for example because he is still in the trial period with his employer or has only a fixed-term employment contract, he can provide a guarantor who meets all the requirements.

Reasons for a small loan

There are several reasons for applying for a micro-credit of € 250. The most important reason is a financial bottleneck if the employer does not pay on time or if there is not enough money left at the end of the month. Also, an unforeseen repair on the car may require such a small loan. If the washing machine or the TV is broken and there is not enough money for a new device, this can also be a reason for a small loan. Not to forget is a school trip of the scion, if the parents just do not have the necessary change for it.

Advantages and disadvantages of a small loan

A small loan has several advantages:

  • fast provision of the money
  • can be applied for on very small amounts
  • Application is possible without specifying the intended use
  • is also granted to some banks with a negative Schufa entry.

The disadvantages of such a small loan can be a very short-term repayment and slightly higher interest rates. The repayment is often made in a sum within 30 days. The interest rates can be slightly higher than a installment loan.

Conclusion: Financial shortage quickly overcome with a small loan of 250 euros

A short-term financial shortage can be quickly bridged with a micro-loan of 250 euros. Various banks have specialized in small loans. The application can be made online without specifying the intended use. The payment is often already one day after the application. In most cases, such a loan must be repaid in full within 30 days.