Grant a loan of EUR 500 – 70,000 immediately

Loan Comparison saves you time and money. service gives you a free loan of 2000 euros!

Finns are used to online users and price comparison for many products is already commonplace.

The loan transfer service also makes the loan comparison even easier.

By filling out one free loan application, your loan will be competed between some 20 banks and financial companies.

Compare Banks are specifically focused on comparing bank loans and consumer loans, so if you are considering taking a loan, compete first!

The service provides a loan on clear terms: A competitive loan can quickly be between 500 and 70,000 euros and a payment period of 1 to 15 years.

The loan granted is paid on a one-off basis to the applicant’s account and there is no need to obtain guarantors or collateral for the loan.

Submitting your application or receiving offers will not bind you any more.

So make a wise solution and ask for a free loan offer today.

Get your first loan offers in a minute and if necessary, borrow instantly to your account!


Important information in brief: 

  • Minimum age for the applicant is at least 20 years.
  • Borrow € 500-70,000 immediately.
  • Payment term is 1 to 15 years.
  • Borrow without guarantors or collateral.
  • One clear application to reach about 20 different loan providers.
  • Now you have a good chance to get an affordable bank loan or cheap consumer credit.
  • Loan professionals do everything for you.
  • Completely free bank loan comparison service.
  • Compare, Choose and Save!
  • Take a new loan, compete for an old loan or combine loans.
  • 100% domestic loan service ensures fast service.
  • First loan offers in minutes.
  • Loan granted immediately to the account.
  • Fill out the application 24/7.
  • Example of loan repayment: Loan of 10,000 euros, Payout 5 years, Monthly payment 214.40 € / month, Pay back total 12.866.64 euros, Actual annual interest 10.91%.


Who can apply for a loan?

Customers of all banks are welcome.

Before you apply for a loan, please note a few things:

  • The applicant must be a 20-year-old Finnish citizen with clean credit data.
  • Applicants must have regular salary or retirement income.
  • The application is free of charge, and you do not need to purchase a personal assistant for the loan.


How Much Can I Get a Loan?

Does not grant a loan, but they will bid for you according to your wishes.

Get a loan with a free loan application for 500 – 70,000 euros.

After that, will forward your application to several partner banks and you will soon be able to see the best deals.

How much you can get a loan depends on your ability to pay and the risk analysis done by the bank.

However, the main objective is to find the most advantageous loan for the applicant, which the user can easily pay without any difficulty in paying.


How long does it take to get a loan?

The term of the loan is 1 to 15 years.

The payment period for loans under 30,000 euros is between 1 and 12 years, and over 30,000 euros are borrowed for up to 15 years.


You should always ask for a loan offer from

Calling a loan between several banks and financial institutions goes without saying.

Often, only the idea of ​​bidding is interrupted when you have to fill in complex loan applications in many places.

However, this need not be the case.

Compare banks to borrow between over 20 loan providers and you only have to complete one easy application and compare offers.

The loan offers received through the service are almost the same as what you would have applied for directly from the loan providers themselves.

We also guarantees you to borrow more quickly and more securely than what you would apply for, because the Compare Banks have already made direct contracts between dozens of banks and financial institutions.

The service is completely free of charge for the consumer, because CompareBanks receive their own reward directly from their partners, not from the loan applicant.


How to Compare Banks Benchmarking Works?

The idea and implementation are very simple.

  1. Fill out the loan application.
  2. The service transmits your application to 20 different banks and financial institutions.
  3. Get maximum bids for a few minutes to compare.
  4. Through “My Pages”, you can follow the offers you have received in real time.
  5. Compare loan offers and accept the best deals.
  6. If necessary, you can reject everything if you come to the street.
  7. The loan will be paid one-time to your account on the same day.

For more detailed instructions, please complete the loan application.


Because the loan application can be completed?

You can fill out a free loan application at your convenience.

The application is open 24 hours a day around the clock.

Search for a loan immediately 24/7.


Do not recompile your old loan.

For example, do you have a car loan or another loan, but are you not satisfied with its interest and costs?

Ask a Verified Banks to bidding for a single sum of old loans.

For example, old loans can be: High-interest quick-hitch , early consumer credit, or even more Flexible Loans .

You know, even if you could pay off the old loan with a new loan, and in the future you would have a cheaper loan.

Ask for a free and risk-free loan offer today.


Combine several of your loans into one cheaper loan and save money.

You’ve heard that combining loans is possible with most services.

Why does it sound so complicated and difficult?

However, this is not the case, believe it!

  1. Just put together all the loans you want to combine into a clearer entity.
  2. You will be asked for this amount through a new offer by
  3. You will soon receive loan offers, compare and decide what you choose.
  4. Pay off a new loan with a new loan and in the future you will have one loan repayment to remember.


Compare your Banking experience.

Combining loans has received a lot of positive feedback from consumers.

“Heavy burden dropped from my shoulders when I got off all the small quick-knives with a combination loan.”

“It came a few years ago when I bought a car for a installment and had a terribly high interest rate, luckily I took out a bank loan and paid off the high-interest loan.”

“Yes, it is easier to pay bills when there are not many small monthly repayments to pay”.


Do I need collateral or guarantors for the loan?

You don’t need guarantors or collateral for the loan.

However, you may want to take a loan with your spouse, for example.

A loan with two people in solidarity is a much less risky alternative to the financier.

That is, if the risk is lower then the interest and costs of the loan are also more favorable to the customer.


How quickly do I get a loan for my account?

The loan is paid one-time to the account even during the same day.

For larger loan amounts, the loan payment may take 1 to 2 business days.

These things always depend on which bank you have an account with and which bank offer you accept.