Flexible Loans Without Lifting Costs!

Constant credit for your use.

Vivus - Jousto lainaa joustavilla lainaehdoilla.

Do you know you need a loan every now and then?

Are you looking for a service to get a loan as soon as you need it?

Would you be interested in a credit with no lifting costs?

– is a new type of loan product that is made easy for the user.

– A person who has opened a credit account can raise the amount of loan he needs for his free use.

The credit limit is either EUR 2,000 or EUR 3,000.

You only pay the loan on the loan you have raised and there are no raising costs on the loan.

Pay back the loan one-time or in smaller installments once a month.

The payback period is 1 to 65 months.

Important information in brief: 

  • The age limit is 20 years.
  • Continuous 2000 or 3000 Euro Flex Credit always available to you.
  • You can get credit without getting guarantors or collateral.
  • Borrowing costs 0 euros.
  • You only pay interest on the loan amount you have raised.
  • Loan Period 1 – 65 months.
  • Ask for a free loan offer without committing to anything!
  • The minimum reduction is only 5% of the raised capital.
  • Easy to apply for and use credit.
  • New Flexible – Flex Loose!
  • Example – Flexible : Amount of credit raised 2000 €, Loan period 12 months, Refund amount 12; total credit costs 1020 €, repayable amount 3020 €, annual loan interest rate 102%, real annual interest rate 166.17%.


With a free application, open a flexible credit account with up to € 3,000.

After a positive credit decision, you can raise the amount you need at any time.

The costs and interest of the FX are determined by usage.


It is advisable to reserve time for filling in the application in about 5 minutes.

You will immediately see the loan offer.

The application is open 24/7.


There are no lifting costs at all in flexible lending.

After using the loan, you will repay the loan monthly.

Once you have repaid the credit you are using, it must be immediately reused.


– Flexible Loan is a good reserve fund.

You pay only for the amount you raise to your account.

You can raise your credit for any purpose!


Who can apply for a loan from ?

Any Finnish citizen with clean credit data and sufficient solvency can apply for a continuous credit account.

The age limit for opening a credit account is 20 years.

The applicant must also have a Finnish bank account.

Before receiving a positive loan decision, the person’s information is checked and the identity verified by TUPAS identification.

For this purpose, the applicant needs his / her own personal online banking accounts.


How much loan can you get?

A positive credit decision entitles the applicant to a credit limit of 2000 or 3000 euros.

The credit limit is affected by the amount of credit you apply for and the risk analysis made by the loan issuer.

A positive credit decision gives the applicant free hands to use the credit within the credit line as desired.

Credit can be fully raised or raised in small batches from time to time.

NB! – Flexible Loan is a raise cost.

No raised costs are charged on a raised loan!


How long do I get for a loan?

You get a repayment period of 1 to 65 months.

You can determine how fast you want the loan to pay.


How is the used loan repaid?

For example, you can repay your credit by, for example, a minimum reduction once a month.

The minimum loan reduction is 5% of the capital injected and the interest accrued during the billing period.

The loan can also be repaid as a lump sum without additional costs.


How do I apply for – Flexible Credit?

Completing a credit account application is completely free of charge for the applicant and it takes a few minutes to complete the application.

To get a credit decision, you must do the following:

  1. Fill out a free loan application asking for your personal information, contact information, and bank details.
  2. Identify the service with your own bank codes.
  3. Send your application.
  4. You will receive a preliminary credit offer in a few minutes.
  5. Take a look at the offer and decide whether or not to accept the preliminary decision.

Completion of a loan application or receipt of a preliminary decision does not bind the applicant to any loan decision.

In addition, the applicant does not need a personal guarantee or other collateral for the loan.


Can I get a loan without collateral and guarantors?

– Flexible is an unsecured loan for which the applicant does not need to seek guarantors or other collateral.


What does the use of a credit account cost?

Completing a loan application is free for all banks’ customers.

The loan interest rate is determined by the amount of credit your account raises.

The cost of raising the loan is EUR 0.

Loan interest is charged on the raised loan, which is determined by the customer and is 37.2% or 102% or 180% per annum.

The actual annual interest rate is 44.25%, 166.17% or 435.03%, depending on the loan amount and payment period.

Example Calculation:

  • You raise a loan of 2000 euros.
  • You pay back the loan in 12-month installments.
  • The total cost of the credit is 1020 euros.
  • The amount to be repaid is EUR 3020.
  • The loan interest rate is 102%.
  • The actual annual interest rate is 166.17%.